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Fast Fact Competition Winners- Winter 2011

Cliffside Elementary School recently held its “Fast Facts” Competition.  Students have been working on math facts, and each classroom held its own competition with the top three finalists competing in the school competition.  Kindergarteners have been working on number recognition, patterns, shapes, counting, and beginning addition facts.  Students have practiced addition and subtraction facts with sums and differences up 10 for 1st grade, 20 for 2nd grade, and 30 for 3rd grade.  4th and 5th graders have worked on multiplication facts zero through twelve.

                The classroom winners are as follows:


Mrs. Branch’s class:  1- Cassandra Pittman, 2- Avery Strange, 3- Caydan Holland

Ms. James’s class:  1- Addison Goode, 2- Alexis Owens, 3- Harrison Branch

Mrs. Putnam’s class:  1- Fernando Jimenez-Valdez, 2- Christian Beaver, 3- AJ Leyva

1st Grade

Mrs. Davis’s class:  1- Aiden Strange, 2- Ben Blanton, 3- Sadie McBrayer

Mrs. Reynold’s class:  1- Kemerson Smith, 2- Kenydie Green, 3- Christopher Lee

Ms. Shew’s class:  1- Natalie Gordon, 2- Isabel Elmore, 3- Mary Jane Perez

2nd Grade

Mrs. Allen’s class:  1- Seth Webb, 2- Kasey Waters, 3- MacKenzie Powell

Mrs. Flack’s class:  1- Seth Hawks, 2- Alora Campfield, 3- Laci Tipton

Mrs. Kimbrell’s class:  1- Nate Greene, 2- Jacob Mathis, 3- Trent Greene

Mrs. Mitchell’s class:  1- Christian Mueller, 2- Jonathan Reece, 3- Brianna Keeter

3rd Grade

Mrs. Berry’s class:  1- Triston Scruggs, 2- Alana Goode, 3- Emily Cole

Miss Parker’s class:  1- Tabitha Scruggs, 2- Katilyn Shelton, 3- Emma Alcorn

Mrs. Roberson’s class:  1- Austin Tavernia, 2- Joline Brown, 3- Jennifer Armstrong

Mrs. Taub’s class:  1- Hunter Shew, 2- Laura Culp, 3- Shannon Dobbins

4th Grade

Mrs. Beam’s class:  1- Shelby Causby, 2- Kadrian Lamica, 3- Jacob Jenkins

Mrs. Humphries’s class:  1- Reece Vassey, 2- Layne Beaver, 3- Rachel Ruppe

Mrs. Womack’s class:  1- Eva Humphries, 2- Breanna Harris, 3- Will Waters

5th Grade

Block 1:  1- Kamryn Cooley, 2- Julie Wise, 3- Noah Alexander

Block 2:  1- Tiffany Kelley, 2- Blakely Henline, 3- Matt Martin

Block 3:  1- Spencer Simmons, 2- Kasidy Patrick, 3- Megan Smith


Grade level winners were as follows:  (picture left to right)

5th Grade:  Megan Smith

4th Grade:  Will Waters

3rd Grade:  Austin Tavernia

2nd Grade:  Kasey Waters

1st Grade:  Isabel Elmore

Kindergarten:  Fernando Jimenez-Valdez

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